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Mastermind Groups

Community. Collaboration. Advancement.

What's a Mastermind Group?

A mastermind group is collaboration of unique individuals that share the common goal of learning, growth and advancement. This is happens when a group agrees to openly contribute to the give-and-take of knowledge and experience from one another within a context of safety and trust.

College Students

Emerging Leaders Mastermind Group

Content is everywhere.

But what you need to find is a reliable group of peers to challenge and support you as you make the tough decisions in your career.

Our Emerging Leaders Mastermind Group is designed with you in mind. Through this mastermind group, you can:

  • join a community that sharpens you,

  • participate in group meetings to collaborate on topics directly relevant to your day-to-day work,

  • and benefit from one-on-one coaching to equip and empower you to get to the next level.

Our monthly mastermind meetings will include topics such as advancing your career, balancing personal and professional health, managing tricky workplace relationships, and more.



"...I found a group of similarly ambitious people at various stages of their career journeys trying to better themselves AND each other...and I can say I’m thankful that when I’m weighing important decisions, I can imagine the voices of my friends from Mastermind offering their tidbits of sage wisdom."

 - Josh, Software Architect

"...Jesse was great as a facilitator. He gave us a lot of space to kind of work things out on our own, as well as to bring our input. He was great about sharing his thoughts in a very constructive way and leaving us empowered as we were going through the sessions. I also had the opportunity to experience Jesse one-on-one as a coach and one of the things that really impressed me about coaching is that I left the session feeling like I had all the tools to walk out the next steps."

 - Sam, Financial Advisor

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