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What others are saying:

"Jesse challenged my perceptions of how leadership ‘should’ work, and helped me see how I could build a personalized, effective leadership and strategic management style.”

 - Sarah, Emerging Leader

"I needed someone to challenge me in the way I was thinking and Jesse did just that. Jesse is very passionate about helping people and it comes through in his coaching. He is a great coach and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach!"

 - Charity, Emerging Leader

Benefits for

You'll see better...



organizational strength


customer service

Benefits for

You'll see improved...

job satisfaction




working relationships

conflict management


$4-8 for every $1 spent on coaching (International Coaching Federation)

$7.90 for every $1 spent on coaching (Metrix Global)

6x monetary return for coaching (Fortune Magazine)

Coaching Services

Emerging Leaders

Best for: up-and-coming, high-potential employees

Coaching for emerging leaders is a sure to fast-track professional development, increase performance and engagement, and fuel motivation. As an organization, it also strengthens your leadership pipeline so you can accomplish the long-term vision for your organization.

Leadership Coaching

Best for: mid- to senior-Level Managers or Executives

75% of Americans have left a job because of a manager. Coaching is the best way to equip your leaders to consistently perform at the top of their game while building healthy, loyal, engaged, and productive teams that everyone wants to be a part of.


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