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Young Talent.


Transformation. Accountability. Sustainability. 

Investing in young professionals?

Wish you could invest more in equipping them and less in replacing them?

We can work with every level of your organization to help you engage, develop, and retain young talent.

Our team helps you keep and grow your team.


Insight. Expertise. Direction.


Engagement. Collaboration. Change.


"Jesse is an amazing coach. He has helped my business tremendously by helping me get focused in on the important things rather than being distracted by the little things. His questions drove me to think through what I really wanted to accomplish in this business and to set up an actionable plan to accomplish it. Jesse is professional, personable, kind, and committed to his clients. I am grateful for the business-altering coaching I received from Jesse and I would encourage anyone to take advantage of what he has to offer

Dave - Entrepreneur - Chicago, IL

"We brought Jesse Hallock in as a speaker for our Emerging Leaders annual event at the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce about creating meaningful connections to further your career. We’re so glad we did! His presentation was clear, practical and engaging.We received great feedback from our attendees and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a speaker."

Jan - Senior Vice President - Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce - Chicago, IL

"I was fortunate to connect with Jesse. After our first chat I really felt like he understood me and my vision for my growing business. He helped me organize, prioritize, and stay focused... I cannot say enough positive things about Jesse."

Dan - Hudson Therapy Group - White Plains, NY

(Virtual Coaching)

"I have worked with Jesse to help me prepare for the next phase of my career. He was professional and insightful helping me gain self-awareness in ways that have helped me see my own gifts and strengths more clearly. His method of coaching helped me to clarify and focus priorities for my life as I grow my business while establishing an authentic coaching experience that was paced to my needs."

Katie - Practikat - Paducah, KY

(Virtual Coaching)