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Virtual Team Meeting

Emerging Sales Leader Collective

For B2B frontline sales leaders

How do you crush it at work 

without crushing your soul?

You're caught between the demands of management and the needs of your team, but your own needs get lost somewhere in between. You are committed to hiring, motivating, equipping (and maintaining) a high-performing team, but it's still relatively new to you. You try to be there for your team, put out fires, and deal with work drama but it never feels like you have enough time to do 'your own work'. You know you're good at sales, but you're being pulled in so many directions now that you lead a team.

What you need is a community and a safe space to productively talk about work challenges - that's not with your work people. A place where you can be honest and transparent. A place where you know you will always receive timely feedback, new ideas and collective insight from other leaders who understand your situation.

It's time to grow your career and build your success as a leader.

Emerging Sales Leader Collective

led by:

pic 1.jpg

Motti Attia
Sales Leadership Expert

Jesse Hallock
Emerging Leader Coach

The Details

  • 6 month cohort of 5-10 emerging sales leaders

  • 12 virtual group sessions

  • Text/chat thread for in-the-moment advice

  • A bonus 1-on-1 coaching session to deep dive into your biggest challenge

Aligning your mindset, skills and support network is the foundation for your success.

We designed a selective cohort to integrate you into a tight community of emerging sales leaders from different companies. You will learn from each other as well as from a sales management expert and leadership coach.  We will meet regularly for guided discussion and for masterminding on real situations that you and other group members are facing in real-time.


You will gain awareness, skills and knowledge on relevant topics such as:

  • Developing your leadership mindset

  • Building a healthy sales culture

  • Creating a top-performing sales team

  • Leading impactful team meetings

  • Coaching reps effectively

This mastermind is a uniquely effective setting for developing your success. You will not just get content, which by itself may never impact performance. You are harnessing the power of your peers and facilitators through training, coaching, and mentoring to transform how you think and act for success.

Daniel K, NY

"I’ve not only been able to exceed my number, but also grow my career in a short amount of time... I’ve learned to love the struggle and trust the process and having a group of individuals who are seeking the same perspective is extraordinary and something that is hard to find in any other forum nowadays."

A Word on Investment

Own your own success! As an emerging sales leader you need the support network and the tools for the success of your team. When a leader improves, everyone improves.


The price of the Emerging Sales Leader Collective is $200 per month or $1,000 if paid up front in full

For more information or to schedule a discovery call:

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