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Looking for coaching or training

for yourself?

Let us help you with the next steps!
If you've come to this page,
growth is likely one of your top priorities.

It means that you know that the returns on your investment of time, energy and money into your development are innumerable.

You understand that you will reap the
exponential benefits both now and for years and years to come.


However, even though your growth will directly benefit you, your team and your organization, your organization may not initiate this type of investment in your growth.

Don't let that stop you!


If you are determined to find coaching or training for yourself,
here are
3 things you can do:

Take the initiative and ask the organization that you work for if they would be willing to invest in your development by hiring us to work with you. In general, this initiative and desire to grow and improve is seen positively by employers. They may or may not be able to, but it’s always worth asking.

If your organization is not able to accommodate this first request, ask if they would be willing to at least subsidize part of the cost. This way, they are not paying the entire amount, but neither are you. This still shows your desire for your employer’s involvement, but also demonstrates that you are willing to put skin in the game for your growth and development.

Don't give up! If neither of those work, contact us directly to hear more about our individual coaching packages. We love working with ambitious individuals like you, and we want to help you stay committed to your growth and potential.

Oh, and one more thing: If you are ready to ask your organization about this let us know!

We can help you put together a proposal. We'll walk you through ROI, including tangible and intangible benefits both for you as an employee and for your organization as a whole. We’ve got your back.

Take the Next Step!

Whether you want more info, you are thinking of pitching the idea to your organization, or you're ready to hire us - just let us know. We're here to help.

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